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Video Interviewing. Tailor Made For Truck Driver Recruiting

Video interviewing is one of the top trends to watch in 2011.

An investment as low as $40 in a reasonable-quality webcam can more than pay for itself with a single interview. After all, that one interview could be an opportunity you’d have lost otherwise.

Granted, where the trucking industry is concerned, we’re still in the Early Adopter stage for web-based video interviews, but the technology is becoming so simple nearly anyone can use it.

Heather Sandell—a Staffing Manager with Foster Thomas, the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading HR Management Consulting company—discusses the concept in an article published exclusively for the firm’s website. Here’s an overview of that article.

CarerBuilder.com Identifies Top Workplace Trends For 2011.
CareerBuilder.com, the nation’s largest job board, site provides various surveys and tools keeping you up-to-date on current and future trends in corporate recruiting. One of the more interesting recent surveys was Top 10 Hiring and Workplace Trends to Watch in 2011.

Video Recruiting made the list at #5.
With smaller recruiting staffs facing larger volumes of job applications, employers are turning to technology to help identify viable candidates. 6% reported they have conducted video interviews with potential job candidates. 11% plan to do so in the New Year.

The Obvious Advantage Of Video Interviewing:
It’s a great way to save money, and get around scheduling issues (not to mention drive times). After all Skype is free, and a great alternative for small businesses that lack a sophisticated teleconferencing system.

Ideal For Winter Months.
Ice and snow aren’t nearly as big a problem when you’re connecting online.

More Effective Than A Telephone Interview.
When you can see a candidate, you can pick up mannerisms and behaviors you can’t see during a phone interview.

So What’s Stopping You?
The one major drawback to video interviewing is the simple fact that web cam ownership isn’t particularly widespread. Here’s a thought: Buy several web cams, and send them to candidates. You can easily enclose a returnable box in the package.

You might even let the better candidates keep the cameras. Given the fact that signing bonuses often run into the thousands, it’s a low-cost incentive that might just make the difference in their final decision.

Click on the following link to read the entire article: “Video Interviewing: A New Trend in Corporate Recruiting”

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