How Your Customers Impact Truck Driver Recruiting

In recruiting, you can, and should, promote a good customer base. IF you have one.

Conversely, bad customers can be poison for recruiting efforts. The ADS Logistics blog features an interesting column addressing Driver Detention.

Among the key points:

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has proposed stricter guidelines on hours of service. Due to this, truckers cannot afford to waste time waiting for shipments to be unloaded. In an attempt to counter this, carriers have started charging customers for loads that take too long to get off the truck. These fees were created in hopes to expedite the process and get drivers on their way.
  • Most customers cannot afford to dedicate that much manpower to unloading a truck, so they pay the fee if they spend more than the allotted time. Bad part about this is truckers still do not get their cut for the wasted hours.
  • There are several contributing factors to driver detention: the economy, the stricter hours of service rules, and the inefficiency of docks. With fewer workers there is a higher chance a driver will occur detention while unloading.
  • Shippers tend to weigh their options. They either keep a dock worker, unload on time, or they let one go and risk paying the driver detention charge. The charge will undoubtedly cost them less that it would cost them to pay the employee that would have unloaded the shipment quicker. It’s easy to simplistically see how an employer makes this decision.

The post recommends a good way to minimize driver detention:

“Give carriers a window of time in which to make it to the dock to be unloaded. This will make it much more organized for customers to unload and it will decrease the loss in productivity caused by driver detention.”

So if your recruiting efforts seem to be hitting a brick wall these days, maybe it’s time to take a close look at your customer base. Some of your more difficult customers may not be worth keeping—no matter how much work they give you.

Click Here to read the full post, “How Driver Detention Hurts the Trucker”

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  1. Incredible information provided, thank you!

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