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What’s Brand Got To Do With Truck Driver Recruiting? Everything.

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With CSA 2010’s cumulative point system forcing a lot of experienced drivers out of work, reducing the pool of prospects for everyone, the value of your company’s brand in attracting (and retaining) good people has never been higher.

Here are a few things you should know about brands, and their power in the marketplace.

Exactly What Is A Brand?
The easiest answer is, it’s what comes into your mind when you think of a company or product.

Just how valuable is a brand?

Consider this: In 2007, an Integrated Marketing authority at UNC Chapel Hill analyzed the income and balance sheets of all the companies in the Fortune 500. He determined that, of their combined value of $14 Trillion, only $2 Trillion was tied-up in bricks and mortar. The rest was tied-up in that vast reservoir of marketplace goodwill that constitutes those companies’ brands. Second Wind

Why Should We Spend Our Money On Branding?
If you don’t invest in the expertise and resources necessary to accurately define it, the market will do it for you. And that’s likely to result in a significant disconnect between how you want the market to see you, and how the market actually does see you.

It’s a lot like a public service ad which ran a single time in my local Sunday paper, roughly 25 years ago, featuring a young girl (no older than 10) dressed exactly like Madonna: Mussed-up hair and headband, heavy makeup, gaudy neck bling, thrift-store dress, high-top boots. Under the photo was this headline: If You Don’t Provide Your Children With A Role Model, They’ll Find One For Themselves.

You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression.
You can build the kind of company any driver would want to work for, but if a prospective candidate’s first impression of your company is a hastily-prepared, poorly-designed ad, flier or website, well…Draw your own conclusions.

So, What Comes To Mind When People Think About You?
More importantly, what can you do to make sure they’re thinking what you want them to? The articles below may provide a few answers.

Better Branding Maximizes Truck Driver Recruiting

Driver Recruiting Ads Should Focus On What Matters To Truckers

Seriously, You’re Recruiting Truck Drivers With THAT Website?

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