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Six Tips For Optimizing Your Website’s Truck Driver Recruiting Job Posts

Making your own website easier to find can help reduce your driver recruiting ad budget, and may eventually enable you to eliminate your paid online Job Board listings altogether.

The Internet is now the leading source of job search and employment placement. That said, recruitment advertising itself is undergoing a shift no less radical: The democratization of the Internet through search capability and social sharing. In other words, a lot of trucking companies are attracting candidates to job listings posted on their own websites.  And the easier your own job listings are to find, the less you have to invest in outside vendors for paid online job postings.

All of which is why a forward-thinking online recruiting strategy gives you the opportunity to gain a real competitive edge on what is becoming an increasingly important part of the future of driver recruiting.

In a lengthy article, Recruiter.com offers an in-depth analysis of how we’ve come to this point. Here’s my summary of their six helpful tips for for how to search-optimize job posts on your website:

  1. Drive traffic to your site: There are many search engines for jobs that can drive prospective candidates directly to your site—including Indeed, SimplyHired, and Juju—in addition to Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  2. Verbiage: Job descriptions should be fleshed out and descriptive, with lots of keyword-rich phrases, but still clear and focused. Include Daily Action descriptions in your posts.
  3. Technical Optimization: Companies often over-think search engine optimization. The most important thing to know is that simple, regular text with user-friendly descriptions should be used in every element of your job post.
  4. Sell your Company: Once you get a candidate to your site, the real work begins. Your site, and your job descriptions, should consistently support your company brand. Do your strive for excellence, do you want to foster creativity, or perhaps put family first? Drive this message home throughout your website.
  5. Keep it simple: Make it as and easy as possible to apply to your organization. How about a big red button in the middle of the page?
  6. Make it sharing-friendly: It’s quite easy to add various ways for people who find job postings to share them—whether through email, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Click Here to read the article, ‘Optimizing Your Job Posts’, in its entirety.

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