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Social Media As A Screening Tool In Truck Driver Recruiting

Social Media can be a great place to learn things about driver candidates that never show-up on resumes and background reports.

The more you know about driver candidates, the better your chances of making good hiring decisions.

BizzBuzz Weekly, an online informational resource for marketers and business owners, has published an interesting article warning corporate employees about their Social Media habits—particularly regarding over-disclosure of sensitive information. Taking the perspective of a driver recruiter, we can glean a few tips for screening driver candidates. Among the highlights:

Recruiting Is Fast Moving Toward Social Media.
Employers are moving away from the traditional advertising and recruiting mediums towards social media. The use of the traditional avenues for recruiting is steadily declining.

Smart Companies Are Screening Employees Through Social Networking Sites.
The article advises job seekers how to properly use social networks to sell themselves and increase the chances of being employed. Here’s how recruiters can use social networking sites to their advantage:

Start With Effective Google Searching.
You can actually use Google to view all the tweets a candidate has ever posted.

Look For Inappropriate Comments—Particularly Where Employers Are Concerned.
If a driver candidate has a history of disparaging employers online (even if it’s just a post or two), there is a good chance they’d do the same to your company. There are many cases of employees losing their jobs due to comments they’ve make in social networks.

What About The Legal Implications?
Some legal experts will tell you that since Facebook is in the open Forum, and Business can establish a code of Conduct for employment to ensure they are best represented to the public, it is NOT a violation to deny employment based on ideals or political or other statements.

However, plenty of lawsuits have been filed by existing employees who were terminated because of Facebook comments—so it’s probably a good idea to check with your attorney about establishing a formal policy regarding candidate screening with Social Media.

You Can Also Use Social Media To Expand Your Network.
Smart job candidates know to network long before they’re looking for a job—and if you use social media effectively, you can start broadening your own network of contacts. Start building list of contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Make a habit of posting the kind of information that could attract drivers to your company.

The broader your network of social media contacts, the easier it will be to access driver candidate information through social media.

Where To Begin?
If you aren’t entirely comfortable developing your own Social Media strategy, hire a consultant to spend a couple of hours with you—even if it’s just a local college student majoring in business communications. Once you get the hang of it, Social Media can be a powerful recruiting, and screening, tool.

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