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Six Tips For Using Twitter As A Truck Driver Recruitment Tool

Establishing an effective Twitter policy can help you reduce your driver recruiting ad budget and might eventually enable you to eliminate your paid online Job Board listings altogether.

With its user numbers projected to pass 200 million by early 2011, Twitter has not only silenced its initial doubters, but surpassed many of its most ardent supporters’ expectations as a tool for business communications.

TechRepublic, a leading provider of information to the IT field, offers six solid tips for establishing a foothold in the Twitter world—then using it to your advantage as a recruiting tool:

  1. Create a branded company Twitter profile. Assign a key person — or automate tweets — to post jobs as they become available. This person should also be responsible for following potential candidates.
  2. Don’t be a Twitter wallflower. Engage in conversation with the people you are following — and your followers — whether you have job openings for them or not. Then, when you need to speak with someone about an opportunity, you’ve already established rapport.
  3. Create a protocol for your job tweets. Consider searchability by using hashtags (#) around key words. Include a trackable URL to your job posting so you can monitor the number of click-throughs a job posting receives. [NOTE: One popular service for creating trackable URLs is Bit.ly. Just go to the site and establish an account. Paste the URL you want converted into the large blue box at the top of the page, then click SHORTEN. You can then return to your Bit.ly account anytime, to see click-through stats on any URL you’ve shortened.]
  4. Help your search by using a third-party tool such as TweetBeep, which alerts you to tweets relevant to your search.
  5. Encourage your staff to retweet job openings by providing an incentive such as a referral bonus for candidates sourced through tweeting.
  6. Don’t be a one-track tweeter. Be varied and creative in your approach. To keep it real and not boring or spam-like, tweet on a variety of topics including industry-related items of interest, some personal tweets and, of course, your job postings.

Granted, we may still be in the early stages of widespread Twitter usage among truck driver candidates—but that can be to your advantage. It gives you the opportunity to establish a uniquely solid brand presence in the space—while, at the same time, positioning your company as a forward-thinking organization.

Click on the following link to read the article in its entirety: ‘Six tips for using Twitter as a recruitment tool’

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