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Truck Driver Recruiting Lessons Learned On The School Bus

Some companies can actually benefit from tougher HR policies.

The Big Question For Your Truck Driver Recruiting:

How do you create a tough-minded organization that also appeals to drivers? The simple answer is: Very carefully!

HR/Recruiting pro and blogger Tim Sackett, in an interesting article, “Life Lessons and Riding the School Bus”, shared some interesting lessons that can be gleaned for those faced with the task of recruiting truck drivers:

Riding The School Bus Is Tough . . .
Every bully in the world rode the bus – let’s face it their parents weren’t giving them a ride, so you had to deal with that (me being small and red-headed probably had to deal with it more than most). You also got to learn most of life lessons on the bus – you found out about Santa before everyone else, you found out how babies got made before everyone else.

But let’s face it, the bus kids were tough – you had to get up earlier, stand out in the cold, get home later and take a beating after the ride home.

. . . But It Can Make You Tougher!
As HR Pros, we tend also not to let our employees “ride the bus”. We always look for an easier way for them to do their work, to balance their work and home, to do as little as possible to get the job done. In a way, too many of us, are turning our organizations and our employees into the kids who had their Moms pick them up from school.

I’m not saying go be hard on your employees – but as a profession we might be better off to be a little less concerned with how comfortable everyone is, and a little more concerned with how well everybody is performing.

And Tougher Can Be Better.
Too many HR Pros tend to act as “parents” to the employees, not letting them learn from their mistakes, but trying to preempt every mistake before it’s made – either through extensive processes or overly done performance management systems.

We justify this by saying we are just “protecting” our organizations – but in the end we aren’t really making our employees or organizations “tougher” or preparing them to handle the hard times we all must face professionally. It’ll be alright – they might not like it 100%, but in the end they’ll be better for it.

Click the following link to read Tim’s article, “Life Lessons and Riding the School Bus”

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