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Truck Driver Recruiting: Are Surveys CAUSING the Problem or Just Reporting It?

There’s a lesson to be learned in looking beyond survey statistics, and you can apply it to your driver retention and recruiting efforts.

Paul Hebert, a recognized authority on incentives and performance motivation, makes a convincing case that surveys are causing problems for employee retention. Here’s a brief summary of a recent article written by Paul, Employee Retention – Are Surveys CAUSING the Problem or Just Reporting It?:

A Scary Statistic
Probably the most explosive statistic HR folks have been exposed to recently is the Manpower Survey announcing that 84% of employees plan to look for a job in 2011.

Why That Statistic Probably Isn’t Accurate
I’m beginning to think these surveys aren’t accurately reflecting the true desires of employees. I don’t think they’re lying, but I do think there is something else at play here. And that is the principle of social proof.

What Is Social Proof?
Social proof at its core is simply this: we, as humans, like to “go along.” When we don’t have a strong idea of what the “right” answer is, we look to others to see what they think. Our behaviors are influenced by what we believe the majority is doing.

Social proof can be one of the major behavior influencers. Simply put, it’s what the cool kids are doing. And we want to be cool.

How Surveys Cause Statistics
My thinking is that the first survey on employee intention to leave might have had some validity, but every survey after that could have less and less validity. Is it any surprise that the most recent surveys report the “highest intention to leave” percentage?

Create Your Own Statistics

  • If you have a survey mechanism in place, begin highlighting the positive results from that survey. Create your own social proof. If you have high satisfaction scores, highlight them. If you have low turnover, highlight that (but cite how many stay, not how many leave.) Any facts and figures that promote how great an organization you are can help you create your own buzz.
  • If you don’t have great statistics – look at trends. Highlight that satisfaction is up 20% or something like that. Use the positive aspects of your own data.

What It Means For Driver Recruiting
Hebert also offers tips for addressing the situation if you think your well is already poisoned, but the point for recruiting is this: There is no better way to maximize your recruiting efforts than keeping the good drivers you already have.

Click on the following link to read Paul’s article, “Employee Retention – Are Surveys CAUSING the Problem or Just Reporting It?”

Paul Hebert is the Managing Director for i2i (an influence consultancy), the brain behind Incentive Intelligence and a recognized authority on incentives and performance motivation.

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