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Improve Truck Driver Recruiting By Becoming A “Best Place to Work”

Following a few simple tips, your company can become known as a great place to work—improving your driver retention and recruitment.

Steve Boese reveals how his Dallas-area employer Starr Tincup has won a “best places to work” award every year since 2008. Here are a few of his secrets:

You Can Win Before You’re The Best.
It’s ironic, but a company doesn’t really become a best place to work until they’ve won the award a couple of times.  It takes a couple of years to fully reap the benefits.  And the benefits are numerous:

  • Employees become more active in creating a great culture that they fall in love with
  • We attract the best job candidates
  • We win new business more easily
  • We get all kinds of PR attention
  • My family loves seeing my picture in the paper

Here’s The Secret:
A company wins best places to work on 2 fronts: an audit of your benefits, and an employee survey.  Take these easy steps to score big on your benefits audit (it’s what we do):

  • Offer a Cadillac benefits policy (medical, dental, vision and some supplemental insurance) and then pay for all of it (including all dependents)
  • Match 100% of your employees’ 401-K contributions.  Immediately.  No waiting period.  No vesting period.
  • Provide unlimited paid time off.  Trust your people to monitor themselves.
  • Pay your employees above market rate (exceed their expectations whenever you can).
  • Keep adding new benefits all the time.

The Hard Part: The Employee Survey.
When it comes time for employees to complete the survey rating their work experience, make sure they’re in a good mood.  Since you never know what day each person is actually going to complete the survey, it’s safer just to be nice year round.  Here are a few tricks to ensure a high score on the survey:

  • Treat every employee with respect all the time
  • Make sure they know their work matters
  • Recognize and reward heroic effort

On top of all that, Starr Tincup goes even further—just to make sure they place well.  And yes, it sounds like an expensive proposition, but when you consider that the cost of replacing good drivers it starts to make a lot more sense.

Click on the following link to read Steve’s article, . How to Win the Best Places to Work

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