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Use SmartPhone Apps To Improve Truck Driver Recruiting

Supplementing your Internet recruiting efforts with Mobile Apps can help you reach more truckers and can gives you an edge in positioning your company for the future of recruiting.

Monster.com Consumer Product Manager discusses how this new technology can benefit your recruiting efforts:

Q: What market trends are you seeing right now with regards to iPad/tablet computing app usage and adoption both in general and as they relate to job search & hiring?

“We’ve all seen the astronomical appeal that Apple products tend to have. The iPad, since it was first introduced on the market, only took 28 days to reach 1m in sales. In comparison, the iPhone took nearly 3 times as long. As if that isn’t proof enough, tablets – not just the iPad but tablets from other makers – were all the rage at this years’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES).”

Q: What exactly are these tablets being used for?

“For one, to connect to the Internet. Morgan Stanley issued a study predicting that Smartphones will eclipse PC shipments by 2012. This falls very much in line with consumers increasing desire to adopt portable devices in place of laptops and desktops to connect to the Internet.”

Q: How do mobile apps tie into larger shifts in job search strategy?

  • Mobile devices are personal. Job searching is personal.
  • Mobile is for everyone. Job searching is for everyone.

Q: What do employers need to do differently to reach top talent via mobile than other online recruitment methods?

“In order for mobile recruiting to be effective, employers’ recruitment processes should also respect the core tenets of a mobile user – personal, immediate and always-on. Mobile recruiting requires the immediate gratification factor that comes with this territory.”

“The easier you make it for seekers to consume job postings on their mobile devices, the more candidates – and qualified candidates – employers will attract.”

Click on the following link to read Vasu Nagalingam’s Monster.com, article, “Talent On the Go: Developing A Strategy for Mobile Recruiting Success”

NOTE: Monster.com offers a free iPad Application for Job seekers—developed by a team under Nagalingam’s leadership. Click here to download the App.

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