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Truck Driver Recruiting: Liability And Social Media

Don’t let liability concerns prevent you from using common sense in evaluating driver candidates through social media.

Social Media often feels like a new frontier, and in trucker recruiting (like any profession) we’re often more comfortable relying on the tools we’ve had for years. Like instant background reports. But as we’ve pointed-out elsewhere, those tools have their own liability risks. And very often, they only show a small part of a candidate’s Big Picture. Which is why Social Media can be a great way to fill-in the gaps when evaluating prospective drivers.

In an article for Workforce Management, HR expert Kris Dunn lists five new rules of evaluating candidates using social media. Here’s what he had to say.

“Liability is so top of mind that there’s a whole industry dedicated to telling HR pros what can get their companies sued, and how to avoid it. But there is one thing the HR police/risk management industry will never evaluate for you: The liability associated with not using your common sense as an HR pro.”

You’ve got a job to do. Here are 5 rules for evaluating truck driver candidates using social media:

  1. You can’t afford not to Google a candidate and see where the digital trail takes you.
  2. Hiring managers and HR pros are becoming much more tolerant about what they see in a candidate’s social media footprint—like party pictures. Our threshold for what constitutes a red flag is much higher, and more related to whether someone can do the job.
  3. You don’t give many candidates the real reason they were rejected, and that doesn’t change simply because social media is at play. Unless the candidate in question has a skills gap, most organizations don’t share the real reason for rejection. Why should questionable pictures or content mined through social media be held to a higher standard?
  4. Privacy settings have eliminated much of the liability related to social media. By far, the biggest risk to your company is digging into a social media account that is intended for nothing but personal use by a candidate.
  5. Evolution means some species don’t advance. You pay your employees to exercise good judgment related to what, and how, they communicate. This requirement is on display daily in your company, and when someone shows they can’t do it, you terminate them..

The HR risk management industry wants you to be scared. What should you do? Don’t be scared. Manage the risk and engage.

Click here to read Kris Dunn’s complete article. Note: You must join to read but membership is free and will provide you with access to thousands of articles, tips, policies, forms, product listings and more, and receive the popular free e-mail newsletter Workforce Week.

An additional article that may be of interest, “The Pitfalls of Using Background Reports In Truck Driver Recruiting”

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