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Improve Truck Driver Recruiting by Listening to Your Drivers

Dollar for dollar, driver retention is your best recruiting investment and the easiest way to maximize that investment is to listen to the drivers you already have.

CEO of Global Recruiting Software manufacturer Bond Talent, Tim Giehll has 25 years of financial, operational, and technology management experience in large companies such as Manpower. A prominent contributor to RecruitingBlogs.com, Giehll recently published an  article discussing techniques for strengthening the lines of communication throughout an entire organization.

Here’s a summary of what he had to say.

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” William Yeats

Great advice for communicating with others.

Geill offers four practical tips for putting that advice into practice in your organization:

  1. Listen! You’d think everyone knows we should listen, but we all spend a lot of time doing the exact opposite. Think of all the times you conduct a conversation focused on what you want to say, instead of what the other person is saying? Make a habit of pausing to absorb what you’re hearing. You may learn a lot more than you would expect.
  2. Your words are only a small part of communication. So much of communication is about how you present yourself. When someone’s talking to you, have good posture and eye contact. And remember to acknowledge the other person by nodding regularly.
  3. Constructive Criticism. It is natural to for anyone to react defensively to criticism. When you have criticism for someone else’s work, remember what it feels like when you’re criticized. Constructive statements like, “I like what you’re doing here, but…” make it easier for others to accept your input.
  4. Remember who you are speaking to. Relating to and empathizing with others will help you communicate better. For instance, if a driver is negatively affecting co-workings, try to understand what’s causing his behavior before issuing a warning—or letting him go. You’ll often find that he problem is something you can resolve.

Communication starts with listening. Listening to drivers makes happier drivers. Happier drivers are less likely to leave. Which means you won’t have to replace so many drivers. The best part is, listening doesn’t cost you a dime. And the time you spend listening to an existing is a fraction of the time it takes to find and recruit a new driver.

Click here to read Geihll’s article, “Listen to YOUR Employees PLEASE”

One comment on “Improve Truck Driver Recruiting by Listening to Your Drivers

  1. Amen. In the companies I have worked for, it was hard to get them to see the importance of the driver. I realize that you need to make money in your business to make it successful. However, without the drivers in your trucking business, you would not have one.

    Open communication and good listening skills are a necessary skill with any employee in a trucking company. We put all our employees through skills training, including the new drivers. I felt this was necessary, and it was successful. And our driver turnover dropped.

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