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Truck Driver Recruiting: Eight Attributes To Look For When Recruiting Owner Operators

The best owner operators are true entrepreneurs at heart. Knowing how to identify a true entrepreneur will help you separate the best owner operators from the rest.

Martin Zwillig puts it about as succinctly, and accurately, as I’ve ever heard it said: “Business success begins in the mind.” And while Zwillig’s particular expertise is the world of startup businesses, one recent article of his offers a compelling list of character traits you should consider in recruiting owner operators.

Here’s a summary of that list of character traits:

1. Positive Believing.
It’s more than just positive thinking. It’s also confidence bolstered by intelligence, preparation and experience.

2. Burning Desire.
A motivation to succeed. Which comes from the burning need to achieve a purpose. It’s the starting point of all accomplishment.

3. Unwavering Commitment.
Successful business people typically hold firmly to a simple set of principles. The strength of those commitments often determines their level of success.

4. Power Of Persistence.
Real persistence combines the determination to succeed with a commitment to finish whatever’s been started.

5. Hard Work.
Excellence is rarely ever accomplished by accident. It takes a lot of preparation, character and hard work. Not to mention sacrifice and self-discipline.

6. Acceptance Of Responsibility.
Simply stated, people with character accept responsibilities. And, just as importantly, accountability.

7. Pride Of Performance.
Enough said!

8. Enjoyment Of The Work.
To quote another old truth: Do what you love, and you will love what you do. People who are not having fun are rarely successful.

I know what a lot of you are thinking, given the severely tight current supply of drivers (especially owner operators): Beggars can’t be choosers. But think about this: If the list above closely matches the character of your organization, then maybe it should be reflected in your brand messaging—from your print ads to your website.

Anyone who’s advertised and branded effectively can tell you: It works. In this case, effective brand messaging that appeals to the true entrepreneur will attract a better-quality owner operator to your organization. It can even (subtly, or not so subtly) send an important message to lesser-quality candidates. Namely, “Don’t waste your time. Or ours.”

Click here to read the original article in its entirety.

More about Martin Zwillig:
The CEO of Startup Professionals, Inc., Martin Zwillig has been published in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Business Insider. He is also the extremely prolific publisher of the Startup Professionals Musings blog.

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