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Truck Driver Recruiting: Social Media Success Stories

If you can imagine a single job post reaching tens of thousands within hours (if not minutes), the power of Social Media is within your grasp.

As host of the popular internet talk radio show Truth About Trucking “LIVE” and  two well-known blogs, AskTheTrucker and TruthAboutTrucking, Allen Smith has evolved into something of an industry authority on the power of Social Media. He’s certainly built an audience in that space—with nearly 3200 followers on Twitter and some 3460 friends on Facebook by early 2011.

Smith’s audience is primarily drivers, but a lot of his experience can be easily applied to companies recruiting drivers.

Social’s Biggest Advantage Is No Surprise.
“It’s the power to make contacts,” says Smith. “Because they spend long periods in their cabs—either alone or with a single partner—drivers have a tendency to think of themselves as often being isolated from the rest of the world. But through social media, they can be connected to hundreds, even thousand of people, just by logging onto the Internet with a smartphone or wireless laptop.”

Going Viral. By The Numbers.
“Just by posting a single mention on Facebook, we’ve been able to find work for drivers who’ve been out of work for as long as a year.” And Facebook’s real power is its ability to spread messages virally.

Consider this simple model: The average person on Facebook has 130 friends. So if only 1/10 of Smith’s 3460 friends re-post a job listing, simple multiplication tells you he’s already potentially reaching 44,980 people (346 x 130) after a single round of re-posting.

Arrow Truckers Saved By Facebook.
“Here’s a perfect example of Facebook’s power,” Smith continues. “In 2009, when Arrow Trucking shut down, that left literally thousands of drivers stranded, with no way to get home, all around the country. Worse still, it left those drivers without jobs.”

“Well, the Facebook community got to work, and we got all those drivers home. And we also got a lot of those drivers new jobs.”

Just one example why Facebook would now be Smith’s choice for the strongest platform for reaching truckers in Social Media. “Not long ago, I would have said Twitter was the most powerful, but lately Facebook has really taken over the top spot.”

All of which leads to a pretty obvious question: If Facebook helped thousands of Arrow drivers get new jobs in 2009, how could it help you get new drivers today?  Check out some of these articles for answers.

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