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Improve Truck Driver Recruiting With Trailer Ads

Your own company trailers can be easily converted into effective mobile billboards in an integrated recruiting campaign.

Potentially Millions Of Impressions.
Think about how many drivers come in contact with your own fleet of trailers every day, week and month. Depending on the size of the fleet, you could be creating hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of valuable impressions in a year’s time. Every one of them a potential hiring opportunity wasted, if you’re not taking full advantage of that opportunity.

Reaching Drivers Right Where You Want Them.
And think about this: If a driver or team routinely passes by your company’s trailers, they’re already accustomed to working the same general territory. Which is another way of saying that trailer ads effectively pinpoint the locations you want to be reaching drivers. Better still, an effective trailer “poster” has no advertising competition for a driver or team’s attention at the time they see it—which is certainly something that can’t be said about the ads you’re running in the recruiting publications.

Just One Part Of A Campaign.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting you should replace your print-ad campaign. If anything, trailer posters should be treated like billboard advertising—which is ideally used as an effective supplementary component to an integrated campaign. In other words, your posters should have a close resemblance to the other advertising you’re already running.

Keep It Short. And Smart.
For starters, trailer posters, like billboards, should be brief—with an attention-grabbing image, a short, compelling message, and an easily-remembered call to action. Depending on which expert you believe, billboards should have no more than six to eight words.

Although trucks tend to be within close visual range of one another for more than six to eight seconds, cost considerations will probably lead you to keep your posters at an affordable size—so the typical billboard word limit should be applied. If your print ads use a strong enough image and headline, that (along with a phone or text number) could be sufficient. If you plan to include your company’s website as well, drop the “www” from the printed address. It’s not necessary.

Bang For The Buck.
As a ballpark figure, a single three-by-two-foot magnetic poster will cost you somewhere in the range of $100—but that price could easily drop as much as 30% if you order in real quantity. That price sounds pretty high if you’re thinking in terms of paying $100 for a “poster”. But when you compare the number of potential impressions it could generate with the cost of running a single print ad, that $100 investment starts looking mighty small indeed.

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