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Truck Driver Recruiting: Lots Of Changes In The Online Recruiting World

Several new tools have emerged which can make your online recruiting efforts easier, and more efficient, than ever.

Self-described Job Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins has been doing his homework. In the process, he’s identified a number of services which could be of real benefit to your driver recruitment efforts. Here’s what he has to say:

There is a lot of activity in the online recruiting industry now. More than I’ve seen in many years. Why now? Part of it comes from the rise of social media and mobile, spurring innovation and new thinking about old recruiting problems. Part is dissatisfaction with existing models.

In a recent article, Jeff lists 7 online recruiting developments and services. Below are the 4 that offer the most relevance for truck driver recruiting.

  1. Jobfox Boost: A social media take on the traditional resume database. Allows recruiters to build ‘networks’ of contacts based on their specific criteria – but the real twist is that JobFox will ‘autobuild’ a network from its database of 7 million candidates. Includes a ‘spiff’ option that lets recruiters offer cash for referrals. The sheer size of JobFox’s existing database makes this an immediately compelling product.
  2. Bullhorn Reach: Similar in some ways to Boost, Reach provides a super simple, stripped down way for recruiters to communicate with candidates via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. It has two basic pieces: “Jobs”, where the recruiter can create and broadcast a job to her network, and “Radar”, where the recruiter can track, connect, and expand her network. Extremely easy to use.
  3. Zuzu Hire: An interesting approach to candidate screening – offers video, voice, text, and multiple choice screening. Ideal for the company HR exec who just can’t make up her mind.
  4. JobRooster: Although some job sites have sent job ads via text messaging, JobRooster polishes and extends this idea, adding analytics and the ability to prescreen candidates. In a world where smart phones are not yet ubiquitous, this product makes sense.

One final thought for driver recruiters: Whenever there is a proliferation of new tech products and services competing in the same space, there follows an inevitable shakeout. It’s always good to know what’s out there, but you might not want to become overly reliant on just one. You never know who’s going to survive for the long term.

Read Jeff’s full article, Are you awake? Lots of changes in the online recruiting world!

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