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Improve Truck Driver Recruiting by Surveying Your Drivers

Effective recruitment messaging reflects your company’s strengths, and a great way to determine those strengths is to survey your drivers.

You may think you know how your drivers feel about your company, but when’s the last time you conducted an in-depth survey to get a truly accurate picture of their attitudes—positive and negative? More importantly, what’s the best way to get genuinely candid feedback?

Start by communicating to all your drivers that you’re genuinely interested in their candid feedback. And assure them that any feedback, no matter how negative, will not threaten their future with the company. Better still, give them the option of offering their comments anonymously.

The most important point you want to get across is that your goal is to create a better company for everybody. When your drivers believe you really do care, they’re a lot less likely to go off the proverbial deep end in voicing complaints. What’s more, their complaints are also a lot likelier to be offered along with constructive criticism you can use.

So What Are Your Options?
For the best results, I’d recommend conducting a combination of person-to-person interviews and online surveys. And in both instances, hiring an outside resource is a lot likelier to get the kind of useful, honest feedback you can really use—particularly for person-to-person interviews.

In all the years I’ve been interviewing my clients’ employees, most have been pretty comfortable offering their honest opinions about their employers—and I can only remember one instance where a person was genuinely horrified I’d shared her comments with the boss. Which took me completely by surprise, because she’d said nothing that I’d considered being remotely offensive to the boss. (But then, this was a bank).

Do Person-To-Person Interviews First.
Most companies are too big to interview every driver, so I’d recommend selecting a good cross-section of drivers—to get a good representative sampling of what’s on people’s minds. Work with your outside consultant in developing a good list of questions, but give them the freedom to go off the script—whenever they sense a driver would like to go off on a tangent. That’s where many of my best insights have fallen in my lap over the years.

Once you have reports from those interviews, share key comments you’ve received in a follow-up communiqué to your drivers. Then invite everyone to take your online survey. If you’re comfortable writing your own questions, you can conduct surveys for one month, with unlimited questions and up to 1000 responses, through Survey Monkey for just $23.99.

But remember: How you word your questions is absolute critical in getting the best information—and if that’s what you’re truly looking for, you may want to pay a little extra for outside assistance in survey design. What you can learn in the process can be invaluable. For your company, and your recruiting.

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