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Truck Driver Recruiting: Three Keys To Building Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is the key to connecting more effectively with job candidates who fit your company’s culture.

What is employer branding, and is there really a need for it? Heather R. Huhman, a columnist for Business Insider, offers an in-depth article on the subject. Here are the highlights.

“There is definitely a real need for strong, distinct employer brands,” says Chris Perry, founder of Career Rocketeer. “In the end, the best career matches for employers and employees come down to fit. With a clearly defined employer brand, a company can quickly identify job candidates who fit their company brand profile. Conversely, job candidates are trying to identify employer candidates that fit them.”

Michael T. Denisoff, founder and CEO of the Denisoff Consulting Group, a management and HR consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, notes, “If your brand is not seen as a positive, your recruiting efforts will be doubled in terms of challenge, and the best talent will search for companies with better reputations, because they can.”

According to Denisoff, there are three keys to building an employer brand:

  1. The external brand must match the internal brand. Potential employees are savvy enough to see through commercials and external marketing campaigns if they are not mirrored internally.
  2. The employer brand must be clearly articulated and developed. Effort and resources must thoughtfully be allocated to build the internal brand—ensuring alignment, consistency, and fuel to make it go.
  3. The companies with the best employer brand have a strong on-boarding process. Employees are immersed into the brand and culture right from the beginning in a multi-week orientation program. If you care about your employees, your reputation, and your brand, you will invest the time and energy into it to make sure it sticks.

“Most professionals want careers,” continues Perry. “Without employer branding, a company is just a company, and the jobs they offer are just jobs.”

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Plateau Systems reveals that, despite high job satisfaction, a wide majority (74%) of employed full-time and part-time workers would consider a new job opportunity.

Bear in mind, that 74% figure is representative of the entire private sector. Imagine how much higher than percentage would have been if the survey had been limited to the trucking industry. That alone should tell you how important employer branding is for your recruiting and retention goals.

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