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Using CSA2010 To Your Advantage In Truck Driver Recruiting

More than ever, it’s important prospective drivers know you’re the kind of company that’s going to help them comply with regulations, and stay on the road.

It’s also safe to say that drivers are not entirely happy with the new regulations.

Drivers Speak Out.
One Southeastern-based driver—whose comments were offered off the record at the request of his employer—says, “Sounds to me like Washington is appeasing special interest groups who make good campaign contributions. It won’t make the roads any safer. Most truck accidents are caused by four wheelers. What they ought to do is train the people who cut us off right before exits, then slam on their brakes.

“If you ask me, it’s just the Same Old Same Old. We’re the ones they’ve picked to be the villains.”

Robin Cooper, an Owner Operator with Birmingham-based Baggett Transportation, is more diplomatic: “Increased safety regulations are good if they’re actually going after the violators.” However, she continues, “if it’s true that a driver could be declared Out Of Service for something as small as a busted tail light, that’s petty.”

One Company’s Response.
Baggett’s VP of Safety Claiborne Crommelin worked overtime for weeks to prepare his drivers for the new regulations. “The number one thing on just about everyone’s mind is preparing drivers better than ever for passing inspections. The existing system places stronger emphasis on Out Of Service violations, so we’ve done the same in our training.

“One thing I do I like about the new system is the speed of feedback I’ll receive about unsafe carriers or drivers. So if we ever have potential problems, I’ll be able to deal with them a lot sooner.”

The Bright Side To CSA2010:
While stricter regulations are never popular, no reputable company is likely to insist there aren’t good reasons to tighten enforcement—given this statistic cited by Evergreen Transport’s Randy Watson: Before the CSA regulations, only 2% of all trucking companies were being audited.

How Can You Benefit From CSA2010?
If your company has a good safety record, and a solid safety program, it’s important to you promoting that. For starters, it should save you from wasted time reviewing applications from drivers with poor records—who will likely stay away. More importantly, it should help you improve driver retention. And there is no better way to maximize your recruiting efforts than keeping the good drivers you already have.

This article can be read in its entirety at RPM For Truckers.

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One comment on “Using CSA2010 To Your Advantage In Truck Driver Recruiting

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