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Using Social Media For Truck Driver Recruiting.

Social media can help you increase retention by strengthening drivers’ commitment to your company. And there is no better way to maximize your recruiting efforts than keeping the good drivers you already have.

In a thought-provoking article for Accounting Today, Brett Owens asks the question: Can social media actually produce tangible results for your company? And while Owens is a consultant to the CPA profession, many of his tips apply to the trucking industry. Here are a few of his insights

Bottom Line Benefits
According to Robin Rolfe Resources, the costs for a new hire range from 50 to 200 percent of a departing employee’s salary.

Employees committed to their jobs and to their employers are far less likely to leave than those who maintain a state of mental separation between their job and personal life.

How Social Media Improves Retention
Encouraging employees to establish and maintain a social media presence that fully reflects their job and company responsibilities can greatly enhance the pride they take in their work.

If you allow and encourage employees to include their role and company information in their social media identities, they will feel connected to the presence they are establishing.

Social Media Helps Recruit New Employees
We’re in the age of constantly watching what our friends and family are doing at all times via Facebook and Twitter updates. Why not use these interpersonal channels to let your employees share how cool your company is?

Often the best source of a new hire is through a referral, particularly from a great employee, so let them talk up your company or firm in your social media interactions!

If you trust that your employees are committed to the success of your company, you should trust them not to represent you poorly in social media; to do so would be like representing themselves poorly.

Are You Leading, Or Following?
Social media is not going away. It’s only going to increase in our professional and personal lives. Truckers are spending more time on Facebook and Twitter, so you’re best served to embrace social media and make it work for you. When used properly, it can cement your company in the self-identity of your employees—and help them passively recruit a steady stream of new candidates.

Click here to read the original article in its entirety.

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