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Truck Driver Recruiting: Four Online Screening Methods

Screening and interviewing candidates online can be an efficient, cost effective alternative to initial phone interviews—especially with younger drivers.

That said, a strong word of caution: As long as demand for drivers is stronger than supply, you have to position online screening as a positive interview option; a convenient way to initiate the “get to know you” process quickly. And one they are more than welcome to decline, if it causes them any discomfort.

Columnist Ty Abernethy describes the four most common methods of online interviewing in an article for RecruitingBlogs.com.

Written Answers
This form can include a short answer or even an essay response. In almost every industry, and trucking is no exception, you have to have some degree of writing and communication skills. This is the best way to find those out. And you can gain insightful information on the candidate that isn’t found necessarily on a resume.

Multiple Choice
Sometimes all you need from a candidate are a few key facts to determine whether you bring them in to interview or not. Creating multiple choice questions can be a quick solution. And each correct response ranks the candidate higher in your dashboard. So if you are screening lots of candidates, the most qualified will rise to the top of the list.

Voice Response
If you’re just doing preliminary screenings and simply want to find out a few key things about candidates, this could be your best bet. They answer questions using audio responses that are recorded straight to their computer mics.

Video Response
Recorded video interviews are a great way of interviewing and screening candidates. Candidates answer your questions via webcam from home. This saves everyone in the process time, and makes it much easier for you to interview more candidates.

Just Remember Technology’s Limits
Again, multimedia interviewing should be treated as an addition (not a replacement) to traditional, one-on-one interview techniques.

Many of your more tech-savvy drivers will likely appreciate the option—since it also enables them to get to know you quickly and conveniently, without the emotional investment of an in-person or phone interview. Which means it’s also easier for those drivers to decline a job opportunity—so if your multimedia screening turns-up particularly positive results, be prepared to take the next step with those candidates promptly.

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