UPS Delivers Truck Driver Recruiting Success Through Social Media

A good Social Media strategy can deliver an excellent ROI for Truck Driver Recruiting and with 955 total hires through Social Media in 2010, UPS is living proof.

Todd Raphael, a writer with the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, recently published two online articles documenting UPS’s efforts, and the results. Here are the highlights:

Facebook Delivers Data.
UPS launched a Facebook page for careers in early October of 2009. By February 2011, the page had 14,365 fans. Analyzing fan data, UPS has determined that 78% of its Facebook audience is 18-44. And that 95% of its fans are from the U.S.

Social Media Delivers More Conversions.
Using both Google Analytics and its own talent acquisition system, UPS captured data on social media visitors who applied for UPS jobs. They determined that Facebook and Twitter delivered double the conversion ratio of created applications to hires, compared to all other online media.

By the Numbers:
UPS’s 2010 hires through social media break down like this:

  • Twitter: 45
  • Facebook: 226
  • Text-Messaging: 84
  • UPS’s Mobile-Friendly Careers Page: 600

Matt Lavery, UPS’s Atlanta-based corporate workforce planning manager, says that all these numbers are based on actual tracking. What’s more, he says the 955 figure is probably understated.

Cost Per Hire Drops Dramatically.
Based on an initial combined investment of $15,000 to launch its Twitter and Facebook pages UPS’s Social Media cost per hire in 2009 was in the $1,000 ballpark. Now, it’s more like $60 – $70.

With No Ad Spending.
UPS didn’t use paid media to spread the word and lure people to visit its jobs pages. It used social media.

A Work In Progress.
Even UPS is still feeling its way around Social Media. But the company is clearly convinced of the space’s effectiveness. So much so that they have made a profound shift in where they’re spending their recruiting ad dollars. Five years ago, UPS spent almost all its recruiting-ad dollars on traditional media, including print, TV and mailers. Now, it’s spending less than 1% on that sort of media—shifting its money (and time) to job boards, social media, and search engine optimization.

What makes all this information so relevant is, of course, the fact that UPS hires a lot of truck drivers. So if you haven’t already launched a Social Media strategy for your recruiting efforts, there’s no time like the present.

2 comments on “UPS Delivers Truck Driver Recruiting Success Through Social Media

  1. Hi Mr. Hare,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I appreciate your articles. This industry can make recruitment very difficult and it’s nice that you’re bringing value to the arena. Thanks!

    Kim W. at Riverside Transport

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