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When All Else Fails, Recruit Truck Drivers By Word Of Mouth.

For Yarbrough Transfer Company, the most effective driver recruiting campaigns involve word of mouth.

“In fact,” notes Yarbrough Executive Vice President David Yarbrough, “I’d go so far as to say that nothing works for us like word of mouth. We’re in the specialized heavy haul business. Which means that, in addition to their CDL, our drivers also have to be qualified to operate the construction equipment we haul. There are plenty of occasions when there’s nobody on the pickup or delivery sites who can move it.”

Which, needless to say, severely limits Yarbrough’s pool of qualified driver candidates—placing even more pressure on the company’s recruiters.

So What’s The Solution?
You guessed it: Word of mouth. “Our number one source of new hires is the exposure we get from our trucks going up and down the road. The heavy haul community is tight-knit, and most heavy-haul drivers along the East Coast are familiar with Yarbrough Transfer Company. And we support that exposure with a generous referral program for our drivers.

Why Not Recruit Directly From The Construction Industry?
“We’ve considered that idea,” says VP Sales Mike Chaudron, “but if we recruit drivers from our customers, they’re not going to be our customers any more!”

So maybe the solution for Yarbrough would be to create a referral program for customers—offering them discounts or credits for driver referrals that lead to new hires. I mentioned the idea to Yarbrough and Chaudron, and they thought it might just work.

Long-Term Solution: Think Brand-Wise
At the same time, an effective campaign promoting the company brand would certainly pay long-term dividends in attracting new drivers. And that starts with effectively defining the company brand in a way that resonates with drivers—both existing and prospective.

In any event, the folks at Yarbrough are doing one critical job very well: “We’ve always enjoyed a strong retention rate.” And there’s no better way to recruit drivers than to keep the ones you already have. And that, my friends, is how to build Word Of Mouth.

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