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Improve Truck Driver Recruiting Through Corporate Philanthropy

A compelling company charity can be an excellent, and cost-effective, way to boost your recruiting of quality drivers.

Consider Bears On Wheels
It’s a quiet Tuesday night when two police officers receive orders to break-up a domestic disturbance. It’s an ugly scene requiring physical force.

As one officer leads the handcuffed husband to the squad car, his partner notices a small child crouched in the corner. He walks over slowly, kneels down, and hands the girl a teddy bear. It may seem like a small gesture, but to her, it makes all the difference in the world.

Thanks to Bears On Wheels, police officers around the country have been offering comfort to children in crisis for years.

Can A Charitable Initiative Work For You?
It depends entirely on the initiative. If you implement a program that drivers genuinely support, you’ll increase their sense of personal connection with the company. And the stronger a driver’s connection to a company, the likelier he is to stay. AND to say good things about the company to other drivers. Which increases the effectiveness of your driver referral efforts.

Generate Free Media Coverage. Possibly A Lot Of It.
Just one example: Fargo, North Dakota-based State Bank & Trust created a ‘Pay It Forward’ challenge—in which the business gives its employees money to pass onto worthy causes or individuals.  Since initiating the challenge, the bank has experienced record growth, stronger employee dedication, and a flood of new clients. Not to mention national media exposure.

Where To Begin?
At the very least, your community relations program should be consistent with your company’s identity. Bears On Wheels, for instance, is a perfect match for police officers who make regular domestic calls. And ideally, you’ll want to support a cause that connects with your employees and your customers.

Join A Larger Cause, Or Do It Yourself?
Creating your own initiative means you “own” the cause (not to mention all the recognition that come with it). And, if executed properly, it will likely spark wider participation and a deeper commitment among participants.

Joining a broader cause, like United Way, means you share the publicity it generates. But it also means you’re buying instant credibility and, very possibly, the support of a well-oiled PR machine for your own efforts. It may also help you minimize your company’s internal administrative time commitment.

It’s All About The Bottom Line.
As the State Bank & Trust example shows, giving back to the community isn’t just the right thing to do. It can pay huge dividends. And it only makes sense that drivers attracted to your company as a result are a lot likelier to be stronger citizens—and, therefore, better representatives of your organization’s best interests.

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