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CR England Automates Truck Driver Recruiting. Should You?

Customized Recruiting Software Is Worth The Investment.

That was the conclusion CR England VP Thom Pronk reached after a thorough analysis of his company’s recruiting process.

With some 4,000 power units, over 5,500 trailers, and over 6,000 employees and contractors, CR England clearly knows something about organizational efficiency. But what Pronk discovered from his analysis convinced him that his recruiting department could do better.

Here are the four main problem areas Pronk identified:

1) Lack Of Departmental Coordination.
CR England’s recruiters were seeking drivers. Its compliance staff was busy ensuring that applicants passed all of the tests before being hired. But there was very little communication between the two.

And because the company used paper records, only one person could work on a file at a time. Nobody had visibility into the entire process, so one side never knew what the other side was doing.

2) Minimal Accountability For Teams Or Individuals.
This fostered a climate of finger-pointing to evade responsibility. Managers had no conclusive method of verifying what each individual was accomplishing—or not accomplishing. There was no information trail to detect problems, so that they could be addressed before they mushroomed into serious issues.

3) Technology Shortcomings.
CR England was faxing thousands of hiring documents. Some became illegible in transmission. Others were simply lost. They tried creating an electronic file of documents by scanning them, but this was not done as an integral part of processing applications.

At the same time, the departments used multiple software systems. Causing confusion, duplicated efforts, and wasted time.

4) Too Many Applicants Not Finishing The Process.
During initial phone calls, applicants might be asked to fax certain documents. Often, the company didn’t get all the documents they needed. Either the documents were never sent or, worse still, lost in the paper shuffle. Which meant applicants would have to be asked to furnish the missing documents. Pronk notes, “Do that too often, and the applicant is going to find work elsewhere.”

Does any of the above remind you of your own recruiting department? Maybe it’s time you considered an automated solution. CR England selected McLeod Software’s HirePowerTM software system.

Pronk was so pleased with the results that he authored an in-depth White Paper documenting the entire process for McLeod. Click Here to read a summary of the benefits CR England has reaped from its investment.

Get your company profiled in an article! Just send me an email outlining any recruiting and/or retention issues you deal with. CLICK HERE for contact info.

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