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Go Mobile To Recruit Truck Drivers (Part One of Two)

androidAccording to a May 28, 2013 article in Ad Age magazine, more than 140 million Americans now own smartphones—and the vast majority of new phone purchases are on either the Android or iOS (iPhone) platform.

It’s almost comical to think that, barely 2 ½ years ago (when he was launching Wright Media), Kenny Wright routinely heard that he’d lost his mind if he thought truckers would use their phones to apply for jobs. And yet, notes Oakley Trucking IT Manager Patrick Keener, a recent review of the company’s Google Analytics indicated that the percentage of applications submitted through Smartphones ranges from 39% for their landing pages to 46% for their banner ad on Dave Nemo’s Sponsors page.

Here are a few tips for recruiting drivers more effectively through mobile:

1) Mobile-Optimize your Website and Landing Pages
If you haven’t already mobile-optimized your website, you’re in good company. A quick review of the ten largest asset-based trucking companies’ websites (not including UPS and Fedex, both of whose are), indicates that exactly one company’s (Old Dominion) is mobile-optimized.

That doesn’t change the fact that the drop-off rate for sites that aren’t mobile-friendly is about 80%, according to Josh Friedland with iMomentous.

That said, if you haven’t mobile-optimized your landing pages, you’re way behind the curve. And while it should go without saying, be sure to test your mobile-optimized pages on both major platforms. Just because something looks perfect on an Android, doesn’t necessarily mean it will on the iPhone.

At the same time, you should be aware that, according to Business Insider, Google’s smartphone operating system now powers a whopping 80% of devices worldwide—so you really need to make sure your sites look good on Android phones.

2) Keep Your Mobile Job Applications Short
Naturally you want to capture the essential information—like Name, Phone Number, Address and Years of Experience. But remember: A mobile application should be geared toward maximizing the likelihood of a response—and the more information you ask for beyond the essentials, the less likely you are to generate responses.

3) Make Mobile Ad Copy Concise, Compelling
Focus your ad copy on the most critical information. And seriously consider offering a genuine incentive to respond. Grabbing reader interest and motivating action is critical when your ad is a finger-swipe away from the trash heap.

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One comment on “Go Mobile To Recruit Truck Drivers (Part One of Two)

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