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Mobilize To Maximize Truck Driver Recruiting (Part Two of Two)


Three Tips For Mobile-Optimizing Your Website

Is there any equipment, gadget or device that’s impacted truck driver recruiting more rapidly and profoundly than the SmartPhone? As recently as spring 2012, I routinely interviewed drivers who labeled themselves borderline tech-illiterates. Compare that experience to this statistic, from iMomomentous’s Josh Friedland: Of the 2.6 million monthly Google searches for truck driver jobs, one million (nearly 40%) now come from mobile devices.

Which is why it’s so critical for your company’s website to be mobile-optimized, even if you limit optimization to just your site’s recruiting pages. So here are three simple tips for making your website adaptive (with pages configured differently for desktop and mobile) instead of merely responsive (with the same page layouts for mobile and desktop):

1) Keep The Design Simple
An effective mobile-optimized site dispenses with all unnecessary clutter—starting with over-long copy. In other words, make sure your message gets straight to the point.

Your text and links need to be large, and easy to read or click. And you should add extra breathing room between links, so it’s easier to click without accidentally tapping the wrong link.

2) Minimize the number, and size, of your images
You’ll want your company logo at the top of the recruiting section’s main page, at the very least—and possibly at the top of all pages. And that may be all the images you’ll want on most pages. But if your copy works better with a photo or illustration, make sure the mobile-version of that image is small. Because the larger an image is on the page, the slower that page loads on a mobile device.

Not only that, larger images (particularly vertical ones) can take-up an entire screen—which means added scrolling to reach your content and links.

3) Browser test. Browser test. Browser test.
Make sure your site programmer tests your mobile-optimized site on as many different devices as possible. Which means testing even on multiple devices running the same platform. In my own experience, the agency once mobile-optimized a landing page that worked perfectly fine on our Motorola Droid, but initially posed problems on a client’s older Android phone. Go figure.

(Thanks to Moriah Osborn for contributing to this article)

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