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Better Branding Maximizes Truck Driver Recruiting


A compelling brand strategy is the most cost-effective weapon you can have in your driver recruiting arsenal.

Ever ask yourself how Apple can charge $1500 for a $750 laptop? Because it’s worth it to the people who buy them. That’s the power of a great brand. Ever ask yourself why the typical self-respecting Southerner would sooner take a bullet than serve Pepsi at a party? Because it’s not Coke. That’s the power of a great brand.

So how can you ensure that your brand is as strong as it can be, and effectively supporting your company’s recruiting goals?

Start With A Thorough Brand Review.
A brand is a lot more than the slogan of the month. It’s who you are, from your people to your service processes. It’s what comes into people’s minds when they think of your company or product. So what comes to mind when people think about you? It’s a good question to start the ball rolling. And don’t just ask yourself that question. Ask others.

Develop A Positioning Statement And Brandline.
Your positioning statement (or elevator pitch) should reflect the central benefits your company offers a driver or team. And a memorable, strategically-sound brandline (IE, Apple: Think Different.) can serve as the foundation for all of your marketing communications.

Make The Necessary Internal Adjustments.
If your brand review indicates others perceive you differently from how you perceive yourself (or how you hope others perceive you), simply re-working you brand message is only the start. You’ll also need to make changes in the company itself.

Be Consistent.
Once you’ve identified all the necessary changes, you’ll need to deploy your new brand strategy through all your communications channels. Driver recruiting ads are important. But they’re only part of a truly effective plan—which should encompass everything from your Social Media strategy to the way your recruiters handle incoming calls.

Stick With It.
Study after study has demonstrated that businesses who maintain a consistent advertising investment average significantly higher sales growth than those who don’t. The same applies to driver recruitment. Particularly during recessions. After all, if your competitors are cutting their ad budgets, what better time to reach-out to their drivers and prospects?

Think of it this way: If you’re in a room with 20 people talking at once, all you hear is noise. But if 19 go silent, suddenly the one person who’s still talking can be heard loud and clear. Now that’s taking advantage of opportunity.


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One comment on “Better Branding Maximizes Truck Driver Recruiting

  1. Thanks for pointing out the single most important element in employer branding, the consistent message between the recruiting team and communication channels.

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