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Build On Your Strengths to Improve Truck Driver Recruitment

The most successful recruiters know there’s more to attracting good drivers than just offering the best pay.

Here are a few things smart drivers consider before changing companies:

The Equipment
Drivers can tell a lot about a trucking company by the kind of equipment they put on the road. Under the CSA2010 regulations, equipment condition means more to drivers than ever.
Poorly maintained trucks and trailers can be a real red flag. And driving for a company that’s known for safety violations means operating equipment that’s literally been marked for more frequent inspections.

Driver Training
Training is also more important than ever. Drivers know that. Vehicle inspections may be a hassle, but what drivers don’t know about CSA2010 can take them off the road altogether. At the very least, good training gives drivers the information they need to pass those inspections.

The Contract
A lot of companies have a reputation for nickel-and-diming its drivers. When companies don’t have written policies for compensation, that’s a guaranteed red flag for experienced drivers.

Driver Turnover
There’s no better indicator of driver satisfaction with a company than its turnover rate. If your company has a high turnover rate, you need to know exactly why. At the very least, it means you need to change the way you treat your drivers, or you need to raise your driver recruiting standards.

Marketing Materials
Marketing materials often speak volumes about a company. If your materials are poorly designed and outdated, what does that say about your company?

When your marketing materials offer a compelling, attractive message beyond the basic Earnings Capacity promise, it shows that you’ve invested the time and effort needed to define what makes you different and special. Which tells drivers you’re probably also in the habit of investing the time and effort needed to make sure you really are different and special.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that the kind of company every driver wants to work for?

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