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Kleysen’s Truth Or Dare Truck Driver Recruiting Strategy

Image used courtesy of Baggett Transportation

(Image used courtesy of Baggett Transportation)

Canadian company takes honesty to a new level

In 2013, Kleysen’s then-recruiting director Howard Sired had a problem. The kind of problem that would make most American trucking executives roll their eyes and sarcastically play Air Violin. The problem? “It’s our turnover,” said the Winnipeg-based carrier’s Recruiting Director. “It stays constant at around 14%.”

It’s a lament he shared with Hare Communications during their first in-depth interview. To which the agency responded: Not only is 14% a major company strength, but one that could be used as the foundation of a compelling new ad-campaign strategy.

When asked the obvious next question (Namely: How did Kleysen maintain such a low turnover rate?), Sired pointed to a number of factors. Chief among them:

  • Truckers in Canada still vividly remember the number of jobs lost after 2008 crash—and place particular concern on a company’s stability. Kleysen, on the other hand, has never imposed a single layoff due to reduced freight traffic. “And we don’t mind telling that to prospective drivers,” Sired notes.
  • Kleysen’s recruiters never promise drivers earnings potential the company can’t deliver. (It’s a promise which, according to a lot of drivers, is often made by companies who can’t keep it).
  • Given a company culture that emphasizes genuine respect for everyone, Kleysen recruiter Kim Vosper noted, “Driving for Kleysen is more than just a career. It’s a way of life. And our drivers don’t mind telling you they’re proud to be with us.”

Which led to the following question: When a prospective driver wants to talk to a current Kleysen driver (to confirm that what the recruiter is telling them is actually true), can they? Sure, said Vosper. “In fact, we regularly refer prospects to our drivers. We want people to know everything about us, good and bad, so they can make a decision they’re going to be happy with for a long time to come.”

All of which led to the development of Kleysen’s new print ad.

Can This Tactic Work For You?
Given the industry’s current average turnover rate (97%), chances are…No. So what’s the point? It’s one we’ve made repeatedly in this space: Too many companies ignore Retention’s importance in Recruiting.

So if your company’s turnover is anywhere near the industry average, ask yourself: What’s our total cost-per-hire? Once you have that number, ask yourself: How could we divert just a percentage of that cost into efforts aimed at keeping more drivers? In all likelihood, the answers are obvious: Just ask your drivers.


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