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Boost Driver Recruiting And Retention With A Satisfaction Guarantee

Create a Satisfaction Guarantee that holds both parties accountable, to strengthen driver recruiting, loyalty and on-the-job performance.

Plenty of trucking companies guarantee satisfaction for their customers. Why not extend it to driver candidates?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand truckers can be a notoriously hard-to-please lot. But you can make a Satisfaction Guarantee work with the right wording. Establishing clearly understood conditions. With shared responsibilities between the trucker and the company.

The important point in offering a Satisfaction Guarantee is to create one where the company and the driver have responsibilities to make it work. That way, you’re creating a mutual commitment. And in the process, you’re not only strengthening your driver recruiting efforts, you’re building driver loyalty and on-the-job performance.

Daniel J. Smith, a contributor to RecruitingBlogs.com offered some interesting ideas for using a guarantee in a 2011 article.  Here are highlights:

How Do You Guarantee Satisfaction?

  • Listen intently to candidates, and understand what they want from a position.
  • Address all the concerns they might have.
  • Demonstrate that you understand all the information given, to produce satisfactory results.

Check In Regularly After The Hire.
Satisfaction is something many people talk about providing. What you do after a hire ensures that your goals are met.  Start by picking-up the phone, and checking-in with your drivers from time to time. It costs you nothing, and it shows drivers you care.

The more you care, the likelier you are to create a bond with drivers—and the better your chances are of creating long-term driver loyalty.

And when a driver has issues, address them immediately—or at least as soon as possible. Don’t let problems fester and grow.

In short, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” should be more than just a motto. After all, in today’s environment, if you don’t deliver satisfaction, your competition will.

Click on the following link to read Daniel’s article, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

One comment on “Boost Driver Recruiting And Retention With A Satisfaction Guarantee

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