3 Tips For Making Your Driver Recruiters’ Calls More Effective

Laughing young guy enjoying a conversation over the cellphone

How you say it can mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way.
In the mid 1980’s, my agency hired an attractive, friendly young woman as our receptionist. Whenever anyone visited our office, they invariably commented on what a great addition she was to the staff. Which is why I was taken aback when one of my friends told me, “You have to do something about that girl who answers your calls. She has a horrible phone voice.”

I was surprised because I’d watched her answer any number of calls, and was comfortable she was doing a fine job. In other words, I was listening more with my eyes than her ears: Her good looks and friendly demeanor completely obscured the fact that, from the other end of the phone, her voice projected utter indifference.

So how can your recruiters make their calls more effective?

1. Say It With A Smile.
In an article for Workforce Management, professional facilitator Tucker Miller writes, “One of the best tools I’ve encountered is a mirror that one of my colleagues set on his desk next to the phone. Printed on the mirror were the words: ‘Can you hear my smile?’ As he talked on the phone, he would then be reminded to smile.

“By smiling, people tend to calm themselves and align their tone to their expression. Smiling becomes a way of moderating the intensity of what you are saying, matching the pace of the conversation with the other person, and creating space to reflect on the appropriateness of the response.”

2. Stand Up.
Marc Corsini, a highly-regarded business coach and author of Do What You Do Better With the 7 F’s of True Success, advises his clients that standing up when making calls naturally adds a noticeable degree of enthusiasm to your voice.

3. Treat Every Caller Like A Hot Prospect.
Attitude is everything, and here’s a true story to prove my point: I once did branding work for a dating service which employed several sales reps. Every time a sales rep called a prospect, they would mark the prospect’s lead-sheet with a check. The more checks on a lead sheet, the colder the prospect. Or so the reps thought.

One day, the boss took a stack of lead sheets with multiple checks—and entered the same old names on new lead sheets, with no checks. The sales reps were thrilled. And guess what? Their conversion rate skyrocketed.

I’ll say it again: Attitude is everything. So the next time you grab a call when you’re not at your best, pause a second and ask yourself, “Can they hear my smile?” It makes all the difference in the world.

2 comments on “3 Tips For Making Your Driver Recruiters’ Calls More Effective

  1. These seem like great ways to make recruiting truckers more effective. I liked your tip about treating every caller like a hot prospect. Any call could potentially be a great addition to a trucking company, so it seems like a good idea to treat each interested caller as thought they’re a potential prospect.

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