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Blogging: The Future Of Online Truck Driver Recruiting?

fishingFive Reasons You Should Add Content Marketing To Your Mix

If you’re wondering, “What is Content Marketing?”, guess what: You’re reading it right now. Don’t misunderstand: It is very much my goal to provide readers with valuable recruiting advice and ideas. But I also hope this blog establishes my credibility with recruiters who are in the market for a good ad agency.

So why would you add Content Marketing to your recruiting mix? More importantly, how would you do it? The simple answer to the second question is: Start blogging. Publish stories highlighting issues related to your company that prospective drivers consider important.

Now, here are five reasons why you should consider Content Marketing:

1) To increase your website’s Search Engine Rankings.
In 2013, Google changed its Search Algorithm to handle more complex queries; a change that affected 90% of all searches.

The key point you should take away from the new algorithm is: It’s tailor-made for Content Marketing. So if your blog posts contain content that’s relevant to what drivers want from a job, those posts should eventually start showing-up in their online searches.

Let’s use this blog as an example of how Content Marketing works for me: Run a Google search on the phrase Recruiting Truck Drivers Through Referrals. NOW: How many of your top unpaid results are Talking Truckers stories? I asked contacts in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina to do just that. For most, the top three or four unpaid results were Talking Truckers posts. In one search, it produced the top seven unpaid results. Imagine what kind of impact that search-power could have on your recruiting.

2) To build relationships with your prospects.
If your blog starts generating strong search rankings, and your content provides real value to the drivers who read it, you’re building the kind of relationships that can lead to quality hires.

3) To strengthen bonds with your existing drivers.
That’s assuming, of course, your drivers read the posts. If they’re not, you need to work on the content.

4) To strengthen your company brand.
Enough said? If not, see article links below.

5) To echo themes and messages in your Paid advertising.
Make no mistake: Your best job boards will still be an important part of your marketing mix. However, executed properly, a Content Marketing campaign can become an increasingly significant part of that mix.

We’ve been publishing this blog for Baggett since June, 2014—then promoting their posts on Baggett’s Facebook page. On average, those stories are reaching about 6000 targeted viewers a week. Imagine what that kind of positive reach could do for your recruiting program.


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