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Truck Driver Recruiting: Look To The Military For Superior Candidates

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Hiring military veterans for trucking jobs isn’t just good publicity. It’s good business.

And with 400,000 US Troops leaving the service annually, there are always plenty of worthy candidates available. G.I. Jobs Magazine columnist Monique Riser has authored a lengthy article documenting the benefits of hiring military veterans for truck driving jobs. Here are a few of the highlights:

Work Ethic. Dependability.
“We look to veterans to have the work standard we’re looking for,” said Dale Arnold, recruiting and retention manager for NTB Trucking. “They have good work ethics. Being on time in trucking is very important, and they’re used to running on a schedule.” NTB offers regular hours and participates in the ‘Army PaYs’ program, which matches Soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) with a similar civilian job.

VA Supported Apprenticeships.
Several companies cited in the article offer apprenticeship programs in cooperation with the VA that allow eligible veterans to draw GI Bill payments through the GI Bill Apprenticeship Program. Once the apprenticeship is completed, veterans receive a Heavy Truck Driver certification.

Many Already Have Driving Experience.
Rhonda McFarland, director of training and development for TransAm, says “A lot of veterans come in with some driving experience with larger vehicles and once they have their Class “A” CDL they are leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of our newer drivers.”

Take-Charge Ability.
Hiring veterans is a priority at Schneider. Of the Green Bay-based company’s total workforce, 21 percent are veterans. “We have found veterans can execute their assignments in a safe and disciplined way,” says Rob Reich, vice president of driver recruitment. “Their ability to take charge makes Schneider a better company.”

Many Advance To Leadership Positions.
“Many of our drivers move on to become instructors, recruiters and managers,” said Reich. “We hire veterans for many positions. The most common jobs are drivers, mechanics and frontline managers. Veterans have also been hired for recruiting, supply analysis, and warehouse management. More than 20 percent of our senior leaders are veterans.”

All of which raises one obvious question: How can you effectively target military veterans in your recruiting?
One good place to start might just be G.I. Jobs Magazine—which has a monthly circulation of 75,000. And offers a broad range of banner ad options through its website. Click here to download a PDF copy of the magazine’s media kit.

Click on the following link to read Monique Riser’s full article, “Keep On Truckin’! America’s veterans keep the trucks rolling along”

One comment on “Truck Driver Recruiting: Look To The Military For Superior Candidates

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