Five Tips For Using Pay-Per-Click to Recruit Truck Drivers

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? If you’re not getting results from PPC, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s as simple as that: Properly implemented, PPC can be one of the most cost-effective weapons in your recruiting arsenal. Here are five tips for making a PPC investment pay:

1) Budget Wisely
In one sense, PPC is a lot like traditional media advertising: The best campaigns have a good balance between reach and frequency.

In radio & TV terms, that means hitting the right people enough times in a relatively short period to get your message seen or heard and remembered. In PPC terms, that means planning your campaign so that you don’t blow your entire budget in an hour or two every day.

2) Choose Your Keywords Carefully
PPC’s greatest strength is its ability to zero-in on the very prospects you’re seeking—and the more accurately you target prospects with your keywords, the likelier you are to get qualified responses.

Just as important, notes Carlton Smith of Flagstone Search Marketing, is effectively representing those keywords in your ad copy. “Represent your keywords poorly, and Google charges you a higher rate. It’s part of the Google Adwords algorithm known as your Quality Score.”

3) Geo-Target Accurately
Another PPC advantage over traditional recruiting media (like most printed magazines) is that you can specifically target the regions you’re recruiting. But again, notes Smith, “if you’re trying to recruit drivers in a specific area, it’s not enough simply to target searches in that area. You also need to represent the area well in your keywords.”

4) Use Landing Pages Judiciously
Hare Communications Account Executive Martha Hare puts it this way: “If you aren’t using landing pages, and mobile-optimizing those pages, don’t expect optimal results.” Smith adds, “You’ll also do a lot better if you have multiple landing pages representing multiple campaigns.”

In short, when it comes to Landing Pages, one size does not fit all.

5) Hire A Professional
Why? For starters, managing an effective PPC campaign is highly time-intensive; particularly if you aren’t highly experienced. And there are far better ways for recruiters to spend their time (like actually recruiting, for instance).

For the best PPC results, look for someone who’s Google Certified. Then ask them to talk about how they manage their campaigns. If they don’t make a point of emphasizing how important sheer diligence and consistency are, you probably don’t want them.

“Part of being diligent,” says Smith, “is constantly refining your Keywords: Weeding out terms that match you to irrelevant queries. At the same time, PPC Best Practices are constantly changing. I honestly learn something new almost every day.”

As should we all!

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2 comments on “Five Tips For Using Pay-Per-Click to Recruit Truck Drivers

  1. Good basic article. Bidding for those trucking terms can get tricky. Don’t spend all your money on “truck driving jobs”….

  2. Job Search Engines such as Juju.com, can also be a great PPC source for Truck Driver recruiting. Many trucking companies have found that the CPC and cost per application/hire are cheaper than google.

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