7 Tips For Recruiting Truck Drivers Through LinkedIn

Implementing a LinkedIn strategy now can pay long-term dividends in your driver recruiting efforts. Particularly if you’re looking to recruit younger drivers.

It’s been a couple years since I originally published this post. Since then, the results you can get from a LinkedIn search for “Truck Driver” have increased from under 20,000 to just over 127,000.  Granted, that number is  a drop in the bucket compared to LinkedIn’s reported worldwide membership (238 million as of October 3)—but it’s clear that drivers are catching on. Particularly younger drivers—who are, obviously, much more savvy Social Media users than their elders. All of which is why I figured it was time to update this post.

The first three tips below come from LinkedIn veteran Tim Giehll. The last four are mine.

1) Create a strong company and career page on LinkedIn.
Make sure your company profile is up to date, informative and compelling. Make your job postings rich with keywords. This will help job seekers find you more easily.

2) Search for candidates via keywords and employers.
Smart LinkedIn candidates will have keyword-rich profiles and detailed employment histories—so that they will be found by recruiters like you.

3) Consider one of LinkedIn’s paid services.
These include: LinkedIn ads. The LinkedIn Referral Engine. LinkedIn Recruitment Insights. And LinkedIn Recruiter, a powerful search engine specifically designed to help recruiters locate and communicate with candidates.

4) Join as many LinkedIn groups as you can.
Then plan a strategy for posting relevant content to those groups. I underlined relevant, because the same message may not be appropriate to every group. Some groups (like Logistics Manager Jobs) are pretty close to online job boards—where lots of members post job openings. Others (like Driver Retention Network) are forums for sharing ideas and content, not sales pitches. Groups like that might not yield direct results in hiring, but can certainly contribute to your overall strength as a recruiter.

5) Publish your own content.
If your company hasn’t at least started talking about Content Marketing, using (for starters) a company blog, it’s time. Expect a post on that topic soon.

6) Build your network of contacts.
There are any number of theories about who should be in your LinkedIn connections. I tend to avoid connecting with direct competitors—whereas my good friend Scott Simon (who had 29,999 connections on the day I re-published this post) credits much of his considerable success in recent years to his policy of connecting with anyone and everyone.

7) Send personal messages with your invitations.
Personally, I think FAR less of LinkedIn invitations from total strangers who don’t even bother to explain why they chose to send an invitation. At times, it strikes me as borderline Spam. So take the time to write something—and use invitees’ names in your message. You’ll get a much higher rate of acceptance.

All that said, don’t expect instant results. Like all Social Media, LinkedIn isn’t a panacea solution for recruiting. It’s just one part of the puzzle—but clearly, it’s becoming a bigger part every day.

CEO of Global Recruiting Software manufacturer Bond Talent, Tim Giehll has 25 years of financial, operational, and technology management experience in large companies such as Manpower.

2 comments on “7 Tips For Recruiting Truck Drivers Through LinkedIn

  1. Francis,
    This is a great article, what year did your write your previous article? I would like to cite your article’s stats on the growth of drivers on LinkedIn for an upcoming presentation. And wanted my dates to be as accurate as possible. Thank you.

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