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Recruiting Truck Drivers With Craigslist (And Brand Power)

111How A Modest Campaign Surpassed All Expectations.

A couple years ago, our agency (which specializes in Craigslist recruitment advertising), was hired by a national company to launch and maintain a targeted Craigslist campaign on a limited budget.

A Tough Challenge. Overnight Results.
The company, which has locations nationwide, had never developed a centralized system for recruiting drivers. There was no consistent driver-recruiting message, and no presence of any kind in the driver-recruiting media. Moreover, the agency was charged with recruiting new drivers in 40 of the company’s toughest-to-hire markets.

And yet, by the second day of our Craigslist campaign (after we’d posted ads in just two cities), the company was already receiving dozens of responses.

How To Explain The Response Rate?
We’d certainly like to think we get some credit for creating job-post headlines, and copy, that motivated qualified job-seekers to click on the ads. At the same time, we utilized a number of proprietary techniques for routinely refreshing the company’s ads without getting flagged by Craigslist.

But I believe the client company’s brand in the marketplace is what ultimately led so many of those prospects to respond.

Yes, Brand Power Works.
What the company lacked in a driver-recruiting message strategy, it more than made up for with its long-standing reputation as one of America’s best large employers. Compared to the typical buttoned-down Fortune 100 corporation, the company’s culture is known for being down-to-earth, even blue-collar. There’s a genuine family atmosphere at most of its locations, and the company has a great record for Driver Appreciation.

Couple that with an excellent benefits package, and career-advancement opportunities for drivers to move into office positions, and you’ve got a company that treats its people right. All of which explains why its annual driver turnover is roughly 1/6 the industry average.

The Morals Of This Story
There’s no question that good copy attracts more Craigslist clicks than dull copy does, but great creative only works (long-term) for great companies. Before you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

2) If your Craigslist ads are being consistently flagged, you’re doing it wrong. More importantly, you’re squandering one of the most effective recruiting resources available.

Honestly, I don’t know why Craigslist doesn’t establish reasonable Corporate Account guidelines—so good companies can “legally” post in multiple cities, for a reasonable monthly fee. But that’s a story for another day.


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