Five Steps For Recruiting Owner Operator Truck Drivers

One great way to recruit owner operators is to help company drivers become owner operators.

At the very least, you can offer interested drivers solid direction for doing it themselves.

It’s no secret that CSA2010 has been especially tough on owner operators. But it’s going to take a lot more than arbitrary government regulations to stifle the entrepreneurial spirit. And by positioning your company as a valuable information source for making the leap, you’re bound to reap long-term rewards in your recruiting efforts.

The TruckersReport.com has published an in-depth article detailing six critical steps for drivers to transition into successful owner operators—five of which struck me as relevant insights for recruiters. Here are the highlights:

1) Personal Assessment
Drivers should first take a good, hard look at their work ethic, habits and personal situations, including:

  • Driving preferences. Especially where long-haul assignments are concerned.
  • Importance of hometime vs. extra earnings.
  • Health considerations and insurance needs.
  • Short- and long-term career goals.

2) Financial Considerations
Finances are a critical component to success for owner operators. In addition to credit strength, financial considerations include:

  • Ability to create, and live within, personal budgets.
  • Existing debt.
  • Establishing emergency funds.
  • Carrying disability insurance.

3) Going Independent, Or Leasing To A Company?
Naturally, you want drivers interested in leasing to your company. At the same time, by offering candidates all the pros and cons of both options, you’re establishing yourself as a reliable, honest source of information—while, at the same time, weeding-out the candidates who wouldn’t be likely to stick with you.

4) Equipment Considerations
Lots of drivers love the sleek looks and the classic styling of a long-nosed Peterbilt or KW. But can they afford to look good at the expense of profitability and fuel economy?

5) Legal & Accounting
Owner/operators have to choose a business structure for to plan for taxes. Which means they’ll need qualified professionals who can provide sound business advice and support.

It’s Not Just About The Money.
Sure the money can be better, but the appeal of being one’s own boss is as strong as it ever was. If you can help good drivers channel that timeless desire, chances are pretty good you can also create good, loyal drivers likely to stick with you through thick and thin. Especially if you’re willing to go the extra step to help-out in some of the critical areas—like financing and credit.

Click here to read the original article in its entirety.

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