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Driver Recruiters Are Doing Facebook All Wrong.

Here's how it's done!

ABOVE: An example of Facebook done right.

That is, if they’re doing it like most trucking companies are.

In the history of recruiting, there’s never been a better overall resource than Facebook for positively influencing the way truck drivers think about your company. Except, of course, for Word of Mouth — and that usually comes at a cost; namely Referral Bonuses.

For starters, it can be used entirely free of charge. And when it’s done right, you can reach more people faster, cheaper, and easier, than any other medium ever. So why are so many companies doing such a lousy job on Facebook? Based on the dozens of trucking company pages I’ve seen over the years, I’d say the main reason is: All they talk about is themselves.

But isn’t that what you’re supposed to talk about?
Let me clarify. Of course a company Facebook page is supposed to be about the company. But a well-executed Facebook page starts with an effective recruitment messaging strategy. And an effective messaging strategy starts with defining 1) What makes your company unique, 2) What kinds of drivers are the best fit for you, and 3) Why they’d be happy driving for you instead of the guys down the street.

It’s not about you. It’s about your Fans & Followers.
Again, your Facebook page is about your company. But more than that, it’s about your relationship with your fans and followers. Think of your page as an ad. Then remember this: A bad ad is all about you — and nobody reading your ad cares about you until they know what you can do for them.

So what can you do for them?
For starters, you can create a voice and a personality for your company’s Facebook page that speaks to your Fans and Followers like they’re friends. A good Facebook post is the start of a conversation; it’s not a speech.

Once you’ve determined the company’s voice and personality, it’s a lot easier to judge the potential of any post — simply by asking, “Does that sound like us?” So if you’re writing or managing the company’s posts, you’d better have a good ear for that voice. If you don’t, hire someone who does.

Consider this little company’s example.
Baggett Transportation is a family-owned, mostly Owner Operator company in Birmingham, Alabama with about 130 drivers. They have an exceptionally effective Facebook page, if I do say so myself. We enjoy a base of nearly 4300 Fans — and added 50 more in just a single week prior to the day I wrote this blog post.

Over the years we’ve published posts that reached up to 11,000 people without spending a penny in promotion. We’ve published others that reached more than 45,400 for a cost of well under 0.2¢ per person reached.

As you can see from the photo above, that post (which linked to a Baggett Blog Article on one of their older drivers) reached well over 39,000 people. What’s more, it generated nearly 2400 clicks, 135 Likes, 32 Shares and 25 Comments — many of which were inquiries from drivers interested in joining Baggett.

Compare that to a much bigger company across town.
There’s a large trucking company barely 5 minutes from Baggett, who employs three to six times as many drivers. Their Facebook page has a following of 1835. Which is not bad, but when you consider the ratio of Facebook Fans to Driver Fleet Size, it’s about one-tenth to one-twentieth what it should be — assuming Baggett’s ratio is your benchmark.

Worse still, they published 3 posts last October, one in November — and none since then (more than two months ago). I wouldn’t be surprised if they abandoned the page due to utter lack of Post Engagement among their followers. Which would be no surprise; their posts are pathetic. Altogether, that’s nothing short of negligence on the part of the page’s managers.

So what are some of the tricks we use for Baggett?
Consider that an unpublished trade secret — at least for now! In the meantime, if you’re looking to get more from Facebook for your company’s recruiting efforts, I’d be glad to offer you a few initial suggestions free of charge (as long as you aren’t a direct competitor of Baggett’s). You’ll find my contact information on the About Me page.

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