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About Me

Francis Hare is the President of Hare Communications, a full-service ad agency offering an Integrated Approach to Driver Recruitment and Retention. The agency also offers its trucking clients comprehensive corporate branding and marketing services.



Click Here to review our Baggett Case Study

Click Here to visit Baggett’s Company Blog

Click Here to see an ad we developed for Baggett Transportation

Click Here
to see an ad we developed for Oakley Trucking

Click Here
to see an ad we developed for The Kleysen Group — and the story behind it.

Click Here to review our WTI Case Study


We’re no longer pursuing ongoing recruitment-media placement and management opportunities, but we still serve clients in developing and managing the kind of brands that help them attract and, more importantly, retain better drivers.

Strategic Message Development

Social Media Campaign Management and Support
(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)

Recruitment Videos
(Turn-key production services)

Website + Landing Page Development
(Copy + design, programming + hosting, mobile-optimization, SEO)

Referral Campaigns
(Campaign Design, Execution and Administration)

Direct Marketing Solutions
(Mobile/text, email, traditional mail, etc.)

Ad/Collateral Production
(Print, web, video, radio, trade show displays, etc.)

Truck Show Support
(Pre-show planning and promotion. Booth design and production. Development of handouts—including printed collateral and specialty items. Giveaway Contest design and support. Post-show follow-up strategies.)

Blogging (Content Marketing)
(Strategic planning, design, programming, content-development and management, SEO.)


Click Here to see an overview of our Retention Services, which include:

Driver-Opinion Research and Assessment
Exit Interviews & Analysis
Referral Campaign Planning And Support
Staff Training
Driver Recognition Programs



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