In Truck Driver Recruiting, Print Advertising Is Alive And Well.

Why Rumors Of Its Death Are Greatly Exaggerated  As we saw in last week’s post, the exodus in recent years among recruiters to interactive and mobile advertising is nothing short of a media-spending revolution—and one that’s delivered, for any number of companies, unprecedented success. Nevertheless, to conclude that print is a medium that’s outlived its […]

Three Lessons From MATS For Truck Driver Recruiting

Recruiting is still about establishing relationships, and the most effective recruiting combines new solutions with old truths. My yearly experience at MATS always confirms something I’ve said about the trucking business for about two decades now: There’s no industry or profession where people are more consistently, and genuinely, friendly. Which leads to my first, and […]

What Can College Football Teach Us About Recruiting Truck Drivers?

Build recruiting success on your organization’s greatest strengths. Starting with great recruiters. For an easy example of how two decidedly different programs recruit with success, let’s consider the University of Alabama and its cross-state rival, Auburn. Alabama: Star Quality, Brand Recognition. It’s no secret among knowledgeable football fans that the Crimson Tide’s coaching staff is a […]

Build Your Facebook Following For Truck Driver Recruiting.

How One Small Company Made A Big Splash In Social Media. Now in its third generation, Birmingham’s Baggett Transportation is a family-owned company specializing in military transport. When Director of Recruiting Daniel Buckhannan joined Baggett in mid-2011, he knew he wanted to increase the company’s Facebook following; he just wasn’t quite sure how. That’s where his […]

When All Else Fails, Recruit Truck Drivers By Word Of Mouth.

For Yarbrough Transfer Company, the most effective driver recruiting campaigns involve word of mouth. “In fact,” notes Yarbrough Executive Vice President David Yarbrough, “I’d go so far as to say that nothing works for us like word of mouth. We’re in the specialized heavy haul business. Which means that, in addition to their CDL, our […]

Recruiters: Is your company keeping the promises you’re making?

If not, maybe it’s time you were honest with yourself. What was I doing talking to the Boilermakers Union? Several years ago, my agency was invited to offer the International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers a proposal for a statewide campaign promoting organized labor in Alabama. Being Southern, and a business owner, I’d naturally been conditioned to […]

Recruiters: Is Your Agency Taking You For Granted?

If you asked me, all too often the answer is Yes. In the years since my firm has been serving the trucking industry, I’ve talked with a lot of recruiters who were referred to me by friends and contacts. Referrals which, more often than not, included some variation on this suggestion: “You should call them […]