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How NOT To Recruit Owner Operator Drivers – Six Tips

Six More Tips From Three More Experts If there’s one thing I’ve heard at MATS in recent years, it’s that recruiting Owner Operators is tough as it’s ever been. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, as I noted in my first post on the topic, the total number of Owner Operators in the market is (by […]

7 Tips For Recruiting Truck Drivers Through LinkedIn

Implementing a LinkedIn strategy now can pay long-term dividends in your driver recruiting efforts. Particularly if you’re looking to recruit younger drivers. It’s been a couple years since I originally published this post. Since then, the results you can get from a LinkedIn search for “Truck Driver” have increased from under 20,000 to just over […]

Five Tips For Using Pay-Per-Click to Recruit Truck Drivers

If you’re not getting results from PPC, you’re doing it wrong. It’s as simple as that: Properly implemented, PPC can be one of the most cost-effective weapons in your recruiting arsenal. Here are five tips for making a PPC investment pay: 1) Budget Wisely In one sense, PPC is a lot like traditional media advertising: […]

Seriously, You’re Recruiting Truck Drivers With THAT Website?

It’s the 21st century. Your website should reflect that. Enough said. Well, not quite enough said. Because a lot of companies in this industry (and not just Mom and Pops) still figure they can get by just fine with websites that look like they were designed by Grampa Ned down at the retirement home in […]

Mobilize To Maximize Truck Driver Recruiting (Part Two of Two)

Three Tips For Mobile-Optimizing Your Website Is there any equipment, gadget or device that’s impacted truck driver recruiting more rapidly and profoundly than the SmartPhone? As recently as spring 2012, I routinely interviewed drivers who labeled themselves borderline tech-illiterates. Compare that experience to this statistic, from iMomomentous’s Josh Friedland: Of the 2.6 million monthly Google […]

Go Mobile To Recruit Truck Drivers (Part One of Two)

According to a May 28, 2013 article in Ad Age magazine, more than 140 million Americans now own smartphones—and the vast majority of new phone purchases are on either the Android or iOS (iPhone) platform. It’s almost comical to think that, barely 2 ½ years ago (when he was launching Wright Media), Kenny Wright routinely heard […]

Towne Air Takes Driver Recruiting Into The Here And Now

How An “Old School” Owner Operator Company Bet On A Millennial. And Won. Amber Egierski’s first job after earning a 2008 degree in Business Management was as Marketing Director at an Orlando car dealership. When she joined Towne Air Freight in 2011, she had no previous driver recruiting experience. And yet, in less than two […]

Three Lessons From MATS For Truck Driver Recruiting

Recruiting is still about establishing relationships, and the most effective recruiting combines new solutions with old truths. My yearly experience at MATS always confirms something I’ve said about the trucking business for about two decades now: There’s no industry or profession where people are more consistently, and genuinely, friendly. Which leads to my first, and […]

Integrated Recruiting: If You Knew It, You’d Do It

In an excellent piece for BusinessWeek magazine, Steve McKee explains why it’s so important for all your recruiting efforts to work together. While McKee’s original column addresses the broader issue of marketing, his points are directly applicable to driver recruiting. Here are the key points I pulled from his piece—adapted to your specific needs as […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Four Online Interviewing Methods

Screening and interviewing candidates online can be an efficient, cost effective alternative to initial phone interviews—especially with younger drivers. That said, a strong word of caution: As long as demand for drivers is stronger than supply, you have to position online screening as a positive interview option; a convenient way to initiate the “get to […]