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Three Lessons From MATS For Truck Driver Recruiting

Recruiting is still about establishing relationships, and the most effective recruiting combines new solutions with old truths. My yearly experience at MATS always confirms something I’ve said about the trucking business for about two decades now: There’s no industry or profession where people are more consistently, and genuinely, friendly. Which leads to my first, and […]

Integrated Recruiting: If You Knew It, You’d Do It

In an excellent piece for BusinessWeek magazine, Steve McKee explains why it’s so important for all your recruiting efforts to work together. While McKee’s original column addresses the broader issue of marketing, his points are directly applicable to driver recruiting. Here are the key points I pulled from his piece—adapted to your specific needs as […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Four Online Interviewing Methods

Screening and interviewing candidates online can be an efficient, cost effective alternative to initial phone interviews—especially with younger drivers. That said, a strong word of caution: As long as demand for drivers is stronger than supply, you have to position online screening as a positive interview option; a convenient way to initiate the “get to […]

Six Tips For Optimizing Your Website’s Truck Driver Recruiting Job Posts

Making your own website easier to find can help reduce your driver recruiting ad budget, and may eventually enable you to eliminate your paid online Job Board listings altogether. The Internet is now the leading source of job search and employment placement. That said, recruitment advertising itself is undergoing a shift no less radical: The […]