Randolph Rochelle: Oakley Trucking’s Advantage In Recruiting Black Truck Drivers

The trucking industry’s percentage of African American drivers is almost the same as the general population—which is one reason why your recruiting should reflect that level of diversity. If you asked me, this isn’t a race issue at all; it’s human nature: People tend to connect more easily with people similar to themselves. Statistics tell […]

Recruiters: Is your company keeping the promises you’re making?

If not, maybe it’s time you were honest with yourself. What was I doing talking to the Boilermakers Union? Several years ago, my agency was invited to offer the International Brotherhood Of Boilermakers a proposal for a statewide campaign promoting organized labor in Alabama. Being Southern, and a business owner, I’d naturally been conditioned to […]

Integrated Recruiting: If You Knew It, You’d Do It

In an excellent piece for BusinessWeek magazine, Steve McKee explains why it’s so important for all your recruiting efforts to work together. While McKee’s original column addresses the broader issue of marketing, his points are directly applicable to driver recruiting. Here are the key points I pulled from his piece—adapted to your specific needs as […]