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How NOT To Recruit Owner Operator Drivers (Part 1)

Six Tips From Three Experts It’s no secret that recruiting Owner Operators is harder than ever. By some industry estimates, the total number of Owner Operators in the market is 1/3 what it was just before the recession began in 2008. Not only that, says’s Carol Gibson, Owner Operators are less likely to switch […]

How TMC Successfully Recruits and Retains Student Drivers

Four Steps For Building Your Own Program TMC Transportation has been recruiting student drivers since 1993. Which makes the Des Moines-based carrier fairly unique among flatbed companies—who tend to demand more experienced drivers. “What we want,” says TMC’s VP/Recruiting Duane Boswell, “is drivers who do the job right. And in our experience, it’s usually better […]

Build On Your Strengths to Improve Truck Driver Recruitment

The most successful recruiters know there’s more to attracting good drivers than just offering the best pay. Here are a few things smart drivers consider before changing companies: The Equipment Drivers can tell a lot about a trucking company by the kind of equipment they put on the road. Under the CSA2010 regulations, equipment condition […]

Towne Air Takes Driver Recruiting Into The Here And Now

How An “Old School” Owner Operator Company Bet On A Millennial. And Won. Amber Egierski’s first job after earning a 2008 degree in Business Management was as Marketing Director at an Orlando car dealership. When she joined Towne Air Freight in 2011, she had no previous driver recruiting experience. And yet, in less than two […]

A Former Military Driver-Recruiter’s Advice For Hiring Former Military.

If you really want to hire military veterans: Don’t just say it. Show it! By far, the most-read article I’ve written since launching this blog in late 2010 is Truck Driver Recruiting: Look To The Military For Superior Candidates. So it was a genuine, and unexpected, pleasure when I opened a recent email from my […]

Integrated Recruiting: If You Knew It, You’d Do It

In an excellent piece for BusinessWeek magazine, Steve McKee explains why it’s so important for all your recruiting efforts to work together. While McKee’s original column addresses the broader issue of marketing, his points are directly applicable to driver recruiting. Here are the key points I pulled from his piece—adapted to your specific needs as […]

Recruiting Truck Drivers’ Daughters

Times are changing, so don’t limit your “next-generation” recruiting to just the sons! Sandy Long, an OTR trucker with over 30 years experience—and a prolific writer / columnist / blogger—wrote an interesting piece for, in which she explains why she chose a trucking career in the first place. Here are the highlights: Money is […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: It’s Not Just About Money

Investing in a compelling, well-rounded employment brand pays long-term dividends for driver recruiting and retention. Conversely, if your messaging focuses entirely on money, where does that leave you when a competitor offers even marginally better pay? Granted, it often seems like some truck drivers will jump ship for a penny-a-mile raise. Which, for a driver […]