Mobilize To Maximize Truck Driver Recruiting (Part Two of Two)

Three Tips For Mobile-Optimizing Your Website Is there any equipment, gadget or device that’s impacted truck driver recruiting more rapidly and profoundly than the SmartPhone? As recently as spring 2012, I routinely interviewed drivers who labeled themselves borderline tech-illiterates. Compare that experience to this statistic, from iMomomentous’s Josh Friedland: Of the 2.6 million monthly Google […]

Go Mobile To Recruit Truck Drivers (Part One of Two)

According to a May 28, 2013 article in Ad Age magazine, more than 140 million Americans now own smartphones—and the vast majority of new phone purchases are on either the Android or iOS (iPhone) platform. It’s almost comical to think that, barely 2 ½ years ago (when he was launching Wright Media), Kenny Wright routinely heard […]