Driver Recruiting Ads Should Focus On What Matters To Truckers

The best place to start developing effective driver recruiting ads is by talking with your drivers. If you ask the right questions, you might learn a lot more than you’d expect. (NOTE: This post was originally published in 2011, but it’s generated a steady stream of clicks lately, so I thought I’d update and re-post […]

A Former Military Driver-Recruiter’s Advice For Hiring Former Military.

If you really want to hire military veterans: Don’t just say it. Show it! By far, the most-read article I’ve written since launching this blog in late 2010 is Truck Driver Recruiting: Look To The Military For Superior Candidates. So it was a genuine, and unexpected, pleasure when I opened a recent email from my […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Four Online Interviewing Methods

Screening and interviewing candidates online can be an efficient, cost effective alternative to initial phone interviews—especially with younger drivers. That said, a strong word of caution: As long as demand for drivers is stronger than supply, you have to position online screening as a positive interview option; a convenient way to initiate the “get to […]