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7 Tips For Recruiting Truck Drivers Through LinkedIn

Implementing a LinkedIn strategy now can pay long-term dividends in your driver recruiting efforts. Particularly if you’re looking to recruit younger drivers. It’s been a couple years since I originally published this post. Since then, the results you can get from a LinkedIn search for “Truck Driver” have increased from under 20,000 to just over […]

Blogging: The Future Of Online Truck Driver Recruiting?

Five Reasons You Should Add Content Marketing To Your Mix If you’re wondering, “What is Content Marketing?”, guess what: You’re reading it right now. Don’t misunderstand: It is very much my goal to provide readers with valuable recruiting advice and ideas. But I also hope this blog establishes my credibility with recruiters who are in […]

Better Branding Maximizes Truck Driver Recruiting

A compelling brand strategy is the most cost-effective weapon you can have in your driver recruiting arsenal. Ever ask yourself how Apple can charge $1500 for a $750 laptop? Because it’s worth it to the people who buy them. That’s the power of a great brand. Ever ask yourself why the typical self-respecting Southerner would […]

Build Your Facebook Following For Truck Driver Recruiting.

How One Small Company Made A Big Splash In Social Media. Now in its third generation, Birmingham’s Baggett Transportation is a family-owned company specializing in military transport. When Director of Recruiting Daniel Buckhannan joined Baggett in mid-2011, he knew he wanted to increase the company’s Facebook following; he just wasn’t quite sure how. That’s where his […]

Recruiters: Is Your Agency Taking You For Granted?

If you asked me, all too often the answer is Yes. In the years since my firm has been serving the trucking industry, I’ve talked with a lot of recruiters who were referred to me by friends and contacts. Referrals which, more often than not, included some variation on this suggestion: “You should call them […]

Integrated Recruiting: If You Knew It, You’d Do It

In an excellent piece for BusinessWeek magazine, Steve McKee explains why it’s so important for all your recruiting efforts to work together. While McKee’s original column addresses the broader issue of marketing, his points are directly applicable to driver recruiting. Here are the key points I pulled from his piece—adapted to your specific needs as […]

UPS Delivers Truck Driver Recruiting Success Through Social Media

A good Social Media strategy can deliver an excellent ROI for Truck Driver Recruiting and with 955 total hires through Social Media in 2010, UPS is living proof. Todd Raphael, a writer with the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, recently published two online articles documenting UPS’s efforts, and the results. Here are the highlights: Facebook […]

When Online Complaints Impact Your Truck Driver Recruiting.

Seven steps you can take to repair your company’s damaged reputation. Between Social Media, and dedicated sites like, it’s easier than ever for disgruntled drivers to launch effective attacks on their ex-employers’ reputations. It’s one reason behind the rise of image-repair websites like—which today serves customers in 100 countries worldwide. We’ve seen it […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Lots Of Changes In The Online Recruiting World

Several new tools have emerged which can make your online recruiting efforts easier, and more efficient, than ever. Self-described Job Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins has been doing his homework. In the process, he’s identified a number of services which could be of real benefit to your driver recruitment efforts. Here’s what he has to say: There […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Social Media Success Stories

If you can imagine a single job post reaching tens of thousands within hours (if not minutes), the power of Social Media is within your grasp. As host of the popular internet talk radio show Truth About Trucking “LIVE” and  two well-known blogs, AskTheTrucker and TruthAboutTrucking, Allen Smith has evolved into something of an industry […]