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When Online Complaints Impact Your Truck Driver Recruiting.

Seven steps you can take to repair your company’s damaged reputation. Between Social Media, and dedicated sites like, it’s easier than ever for disgruntled drivers to launch effective attacks on their ex-employers’ reputations. It’s one reason behind the rise of image-repair websites like—which today serves customers in 100 countries worldwide. We’ve seen it […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Lots Of Changes In The Online Recruiting World

Several new tools have emerged which can make your online recruiting efforts easier, and more efficient, than ever. Self-described Job Doctor Jeff Dickey-Chasins has been doing his homework. In the process, he’s identified a number of services which could be of real benefit to your driver recruitment efforts. Here’s what he has to say: There […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Social Media Success Stories

If you can imagine a single job post reaching tens of thousands within hours (if not minutes), the power of Social Media is within your grasp. As host of the popular internet talk radio show Truth About Trucking “LIVE” and  two well-known blogs, AskTheTrucker and TruthAboutTrucking, Allen Smith has evolved into something of an industry […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Liability And Social Media

Don’t let liability concerns prevent you from using common sense in evaluating driver candidates through social media. Social Media often feels like a new frontier, and in trucker recruiting (like any profession) we’re often more comfortable relying on the tools we’ve had for years. Like instant background reports. But as we’ve pointed-out elsewhere, those tools […]

Use SmartPhone Apps To Improve Truck Driver Recruiting

Supplementing your Internet recruiting efforts with Mobile Apps can help you reach more truckers and can gives you an edge in positioning your company for the future of recruiting. Consumer Product Manager discusses how this new technology can benefit your recruiting efforts: Q: What market trends are you seeing right now with regards to iPad/tablet […]

Six Tips For Using Twitter As A Truck Driver Recruitment Tool

Establishing an effective Twitter policy can help you reduce your driver recruiting ad budget and might eventually enable you to eliminate your paid online Job Board listings altogether. With its user numbers projected to pass 200 million by early 2011, Twitter has not only silenced its initial doubters, but surpassed many of its most ardent […]

Social Media As A Screening Tool In Truck Driver Recruiting

Social Media can be a great place to learn things about driver candidates that never show-up on resumes and background reports. The more you know about driver candidates, the better your chances of making good hiring decisions. BizzBuzz Weekly, an online informational resource for marketers and business owners, has published an interesting article warning corporate […]