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Driver Recruiting Ads Should Focus On What Matters To Truckers

The best place to start developing effective driver recruiting ads is by talking with your drivers. If you ask the right questions, you might learn a lot more than you’d expect. (NOTE: This post was originally published in 2011, but it’s generated a steady stream of clicks lately, so I thought I’d update and re-post […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: Speaking To The Wives

Husband & wife teams are typically the most dependable you can find—which is why it’s important your messaging should appeal equally to the wives. After all, wives often do most of the initial research that leads to a team’s decision to join a company. So when you address their top concerns without having to be […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: What Goes Around Comes Around

Treating drivers right is its own reward; especially when they learn the grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s no secret, or surprise, that truck drivers are a fickle lot. After all, when you consider how much time truckers spend alone with their own thoughts (instead of proximally connected to co-workers in the same […]

With Truck Drivers, A Recruiter’s Work Is Never Done.

(Photo courtesy Omni  Studio) Retention is a recruiter’s most important job—and that means maintaining relationships even after the hire. Baggett Transportation’s Daniel Buckhannan has been a recruiter for trucking companies in Florida and Alabama. Formerly part of an operation employing over 1200 drivers, he jumped at the opportunity to join family-owned Baggett as Director of […]

Using CSA2010 To Your Advantage In Truck Driver Recruiting

More than ever, it’s important prospective drivers know you’re the kind of company that’s going to help them comply with regulations, and stay on the road. It’s also safe to say that drivers are not entirely happy with the new regulations. Drivers Speak Out. One Southeastern-based driver—whose comments were offered off the record at the […]